Christmas Gift Baskets for Newborn Babies

The newborn babies deserves special attention and love during Christmas. Most of the time, we tend to forget that the newborns born to our friends or relatives too need our affection and care. The best way to shower your love is by gifting their parents a Christmas gift basket for newborn babies.

This basket would be the best gift because if you have chosen it with care, it would be having all the essential items needed by a newborn baby. In order to ease out your problem as to which basket would be the basket, here are a few good ones which you can think about gifting.

Have a look at these and think about which one suits your needs the best.

Baby on the Go Chibi Zoo Bottle Bag Gift Set: For newly made parents, this is going to be a truly adorable gift if you present it to them this Christmas. This is an insulated bottle bag which has enough of space to accomodate 2 bottles.

The bag comes with 3 bibs, 1 stripes and 1 geo squares. What you'll love about this gift set is that it also contains 2 Plum Organic Just Fruits baby food pouches. The babies parents would found this of considerable use and they would respect your feelings too. Have it now

Personalized Baby Boy Little Slugger Gift Basket: If the newborn is a baby boy then this Christmas gift basket is for him. This is a 100% cotton basket and the proud parents of the wonder baby would love its high quality. This has almost everything which would be needed by the newly made parents for their baby. This has the baby's name embroidered on the basket. Some of the top features of this gift basket includes:

  • Hooded Terry Cloth Bath Towel with Baseball Cap Embroidery
  • Terry Cloth Bib with Baseball Cap Embroidery
  • Terry Cloth Washcloths rolled to look like a bat and ball
  • Infant Baseball Cap
Don't wait for this one, this one is surely a must to have for the newborn baby boy. Get it Now

Personalized New Baby Girl Ballet Dancer Gift Basket: This beautiful gift basket is meant for the newborn baby girl, the color and the looks of this basket are specially designed keeping in view the likes of a girl and thus you have it in light pink color. This is a 100% cotton layette basket. 

It has all the features which are the prime requisite of the newborn baby girl. The gift basket comes with name personalisation and so you can get the name of the baby written on the basket. This would make it even more closer to her heart and the proud parents too would love this gesture of yours which comes on an occasion such as Christmas.
Some more features includes:
  • Hooded Terry Cloth Bath Towel with Ballet Slipper Embroidery
  • Terry Cloth Bib with Ballet Slipper Embroidery
  • Terry Cloth Washcloths rolled to look like a flower
  • Infant Flower Headband 
Don't let this one go out of your hands, because it has all the beauty and truly needs to be valued. Have it now

New Twin Girl Newborn Gift Basket: So, this Christmas one of your friends is having double celebrations!! After all giving birth to twins is a time of double happiness and gratitude. If you are in a mess as to what gift you should present the two lovely babies then this gift basket is for you. 

The beautiful and subtle colors of this gift basket will immediately catch your attention. This basket has almost everything which would be needed by the newly borns' but in a set of two. It has two 100% flannel receiving blankets, two lined changing pads, two burp cloths, two hats, two wee bee wrist rattles and two 6-piece baby bodysuit and sock bouquets. Isn't it pretty? Get it now

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