Cute Hand Knitted Organic Cotton Puppets for Christmas Gifts

Children love gifts and some more gifts and a way if i say there demand is endless, i dont think i am wrong in any way. Hey so you guyz agree with me. And on top of it, the most puzzling thing is to choose a gift for them- something which is cute, good, safe and lovable and yes the most important- DIFFERENT.
Children are known to get bored easily with getting the same kind of toys every now and then and thus are always on the look out of having something new. So, when i saw these cute looking hand knitted organic cotton puppets, i knew it...yes these are the ones which the kids would love to have and with the Christmas coming soon, these would be one of the sweet gifts you could present them. Have a look and you will believe yourself. 

Hand Knitted Organic Cotton Buffalo Puppet: This beautiful buffalo is hand knitted and made from organic cotton and padded with oeko-tex certified stuffing, it will surely brighten up the mood of your child. Get it

Hand Knitted Organic Cotton Lion Puppet: Lions are the kings of the forest and this handsome lion will be the king of the hand knitted jungle. The child will adore it and would certainly want to have it in his toys collection. Get it

Hand Knitted Organic Cotton Owl Puppet: This adorable owl puppet will be close to the heart of the toddlers. Though he is known as Mr.Mc Cribbin but of course the child could come up with some other delightful name for this owl puppet. Get it

Hand Knitted Organic Cotton Penguin Puppet: Oh the lovely penguin from chilly winds is here, she is ready to hug with open arms. Get it

Wedding Couple In Organic Cotton: You wouldnt have seen such a cute wedding couple ever before, so why not make them a part of your house too. Get these organic cotton wedding couples or else gift it to any of the newly wed couples. Get it

Organic Cotton Monkey Hand Puppet: This is no ordinary monkey rather the chat show host Rodney Scuffles, however the kids can give it different name too. This looks very innocent and would be a good addition to your toys list. Get it

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