Sweet Winter Bird Decorations With Hats in Set of Two Figurines

Cute winter Bird  decorations with hats
Anyone who looks at these winter bird decorations with hats, will fall in love with these for sure.

They look so adorable as if they are all ready to face the chilly winter months.

I just loved their hats in red and green color which are a bit big and long than their heads- which make them even more cute.

The hats are woven beautifully and the three pom pom- two by the sides and one on top enhances the beauty of these. The body of these birds is made from burlap so they have a bit of rustic touch as well.

Their feet are made from wire so they can stand with ease almost anywhere.

Just have these for your home d├ęcor and I can bet- they will be admired by one and all. In fact, these bird figurines make a perfect pair of gift as well for anyone who loves birds.

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